For over 50 years we have been analyzing the different market sectors for which we have developed research for manufacturing products whose quality should always correspond to the high standards established by the Domplex brand.
For clients who need our products in a closed chain of value involving different players, the last 15 years have seen in-depth study into the best methodologies to ensure that Domplex products will make a difference in your organization.

It is for this reason that Domplex Logis was created: to promote significant logistical advantages, allowing companies to use our products to the full without having to acquire them. This approach to product sharing also ties in with our goal to reduce environmental impact and assist society in general. All of this for a symbolic operational leasing cost.
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Chapell Flor
Chapell Flor - Use as you want, wherever you want. A versatile product for the imagination!
Transport, store and preserve your goods in a practical and safe way with the new 745W Domplex container-palette.
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