Enjoying quiet summer days without the hassle of insects? Yes, it is possible. Discover how and the available options.
Good weather makes us look for the best that outside has to offer. Whether it's teleworking on a makeshift desk in the garden, eating out on the terrace, resting or reading a book on the balcony, picking fruit in the orchard, or enjoying the pool… the advantages of the outdoors are plenty and for all tastes.

However, when we enjoy any of these situations, the tranquility we seek often ends up being interrupted (even several times) by flies, honeydews, bees or other types of flying insects.

Enjoying these moments without interruptions is, however, possible. Therefore, it is necessary to look for the best solution, from the many available on the market:
Adhesive Traps:
These traps consist of adhesive cards composed of resin and wax, which trap the insects as soon as there is contact.
These cards can help if we are mainly talking about flies and mosquitoes or small beetles, for example.
Its biggest negative point is, perhaps, the not pleasant business card they leave, since all the captured insects end up on display in it, often too close to us.


Light traps:
Light traps are devices to attract and capture flying insects, mainly at night.
Being attracted only by light, these traps end up being quite limited, for example, if the problem is bees or wasps, or even if there is no electrical current nearby.

Pheromone Traps:
Generally cheaper than light traps, these traps use substances, such as odors or chemical signals, recognized by insects.
Being attracted to these traps, this method can be considered more or less effective, depending on its construction method but also the substance used, which can be adapted to specific types of insects, making it the ideal method either for the various areas of our homes and gardens, or for agricultural use, controlling pests but keeping other insects alive.

Captinsect: an effective, economical and ecological solution?

At Domplex online store you will find Captinsect, an effective and adaptable solution against virtually any type of insect.
Made in Portugal with recyclable plastic, this option is economical (less than €3) and environmentally friendly.

Following the concept of any Domplex product - "quality and utility" - Captinsect is very resistant and reusable, and the only maintenance required will be cleaning (which can even be done in the dishwasher), whenever there is a need to eliminate dead insects inside (not visible thanks to its opaque background!).

Instead of insecticides, the Domplex team recommends (re)loading with biological products - which, depending on the insects in question, may include the use of fermented yeast, pear juice, currant, beer or white wine, among other environmentally responsible options, already available on market.


It should also be noted that its use was designed for application in various places, and can be hung almost anywhere, from the balcony window to the garden table, the sun hat by the pool or the fruit tree in the orchard. 

Got any questions? Are you looking for other products for close to nature summer? Our team remains available. Contact us!